Thursday, November 20, 2014

What's this about?

Today I made another little drawing in a sketchbook I keep for the purpose of drawing notations. They are little notes to myself when I have the urge to draw and little time. They are stream of conscious drawing notes. They reflect things bubbling under the surface. The drawings usually contain humour and pathos in the end.

What's this about?
ink, graphite, watercolour pencil on paper
9 x 12"

I live with a healthy amount of anxiety (my diagnosis) and the drawings reflect that.

Speaking of anxiety, mine sent me to the doctor to investigate minor complaints; sometimes my hips ache, I've been tired a lot and thought it was probably the inordinate amount of stress this past year, I need new glasses and have to have a referral to an opthalmologist because of my complex eyes and I wanted to have a few other things checked out just because I should, you know. Turns out there is good reason I'm tired and achey. My thyroid is low and I have mild bursitis in my hips. Thank gawd I can clear these things up with stretching exercise for the hips and there are a few things I can try for the thyroid before resorting to sythroid or the desiccated cow thing. Stress probably affected my thyroid but seems the Doctor thinks it has been borderline in any case. I'm relieved really, no leukaemia or diabetes, or something dire. And, I may get my usual energy level back.

Otherwise I'm the healthiest person alive, perfect blood pressure, no iron deficiency, none of the various cancers, heart conditions and other things that run rampant in my family, yet. So let us be grateful and as happy as we can be. I've decided the next time I have anxiety about a health thing I won't put it off and go into denial and angst for a year. Instead I will go and see what it's about.

As for the art part of my life, I'm working hard on organizing for the show in January. I've ordered the large frames, and purchased the small frames and as soon as I stop typing here I am going to frame a couple of drawings/paintings and maybe get time to work on a new one. The plan is to get a couple of things framed every week until the show so that the energy levels can sustain the work and so that I don't drive my thyroid wacky again with stress.

There you go, this is my monthly report on the state of the studio and the life.

Oh, and if you want to give me advice on my thyroid and my bursitis please do. Let the advice begin.