Thursday, February 19, 2015

Intuition and painting, interview

I'm excited to be included in the latest 'mixed media tapes'. My prompt for this interview was "intuition".…/cassette-two-side-a…

This project is put together by Phillip J. Mellen . In this tape, Cassette Two Side A, I am in the company of Sabine Tress, Brigid Watson and Victor DaSilva. I learned a lot from and enjoyed greatly listening to these artists talk and I think you will too. Phillip is a thoughtful interviewer with a great sense of humour. The interviews feel more like discussion and warm visits than interviews. They give an insight into process and the background behind each artists approach to art.
Some favourite moments:
Painting is "an attempt at grasping at intangible truths" Brigid Watson:
The painting "can look really bad, turn it round and all of a sudden it can look really good. All that matters is the result - and now it's looking good". Sabine Tress talking about control/no control in finishing a painting.
"Sometimes your painting insults you "you'll never be any good" and you say "yes I will, maybe not today.." Phillip J. Mellen.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The show is up.

The opening of the show at the Firehall Arts Centre was great. I was nervous about it, but thanks to all who came out. It was so good to see you see what I've been up to for almost 2 years now, well some of what I've been up to.

Here are some photos:

And some installation shots of the work taken this week: