Friday, January 19, 2018

January 2018 Studio Journal Update

I'm still working on the "lost for words" series. I've uploaded a few of these paintings to Saatchi to put out there what I'm doing. And it allows me to price my work for anyone interested. My website needs updating. I'm thinking of changing it completely to a more artist friendly layout. That is an enormous task for which I'm not ready.

All I've done this year is paint and draw and post on social media. I've done no marketing or applying for shows. I felt the need to just make work and see where it goes. In past years I experimented with working hard at showing and marketing. It took a lot of energy and the results were modest. Marketing also affected how I worked, I fear. I don't want to consider my "audience", to be "professional". I want to make work from my heart not from a formula laid down by marketing and, so called, professionalism. It's good to be painting and drawing without these distractions.

When I'm not in the studio, I'm performing activities of daily living, and traveling and being outdoors. I post photos of my excursions and drawings from a drawing diary as well on my instagram account.

Below are examples of both, from a day trip to West Dyke in Richmond just outside Vancouver BC.


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